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Pediatric Endocrine Society

Formerly Named in Honor of Lawson Wilkins

Board of Directors

2017 PES Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting

From Left to Right: The PES Board of Directors - Mitchell Geffner (Secretary), Mary Lee (2018-2019 Immediate Past President), Philip Scott Zeitler (2019-2020 Immediate Past President), Madhusmita Misra (President Elect), Erica Eugster (President), Philippe F. Backeljauw (Director), Michael Alan Levine (Director), Paul Thornton (Director).

Missing from the Photo: Peter Lee (Treasurer)



Erica A. Eugster


Madhusmita Misra


Peter A. Lee


Mitchell Geffner

Immediate Past President

Philip Scott Zeitler

Board Member

Michael Alan Levine (1 Year)

Philippe F. Backeljauw (2 Years)

Paul Thornton (3 Years)