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Pediatric Endocrine Society

Formerly Named in Honor of Lawson Wilkins

Transition Toolkit

This Transition Toolkit will help patients gain a greater awareness of their health history and health needs and prepare them to accept their adult responsibility of self-management. In addition, it streamlines the transfer of relevant health information to patients' adult healthcare providers. This Toolkit will also help educate patients, their families and even healthcare providers.

Type I Diabetes

  1. Cover Letter (pdf, 415KB)
  2. Overview (pdf, 97KB)
  3. Checklist (pdf, 280KB)
  4. Clinical Summary (pdf, 336KB)
  5. Health Diary (pdf, 152KB)
  6. Transition Passport Turner Syndrome (pdf, 1024KB)
  7. Transition Passport Childhood Cancer Survivor with Endocrine Late Effects (pdf, 22KB)
  8. Transition Passport Complex Pituitary/Other Endocrine Disorders (pdf, 1035KB)
  9. Certificate of Graduation (pdf, 20KB)

Growth Hormone Deficiency

  1. Clinical Summary (pdf, 343KB)
  2. Dosing of GH (pdf, 204KB)
  3. Patient Assessment (pdf, 257KB)
  4. Physician Assessment (pdf, 294KB)
  5. Recommended Approach (pdf, 211KB)