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Pediatric Endocrine Society

Formerly Named in Honor of Lawson Wilkins

Karolinska Award

The course is primarily directed towards young pediatric endocrinologists who are in training or just achieved their specialty. The number of students is limited to 25; 5 PES members. Thus, the course leaders will select a multinational group of students from the applicants in order to make sure that all are on a similar level in training. A good command of the English is mandatory. Experience in research is advantageous, but not necessary.

Membership in PES is required to be considered for this Award. The Award consists $2000 towards the cost travel, hotel expenses, plus the cost of the course.

Current Recipients


Jill Brodsky, MD

Andrew Dauber, MD

Janna Flint, MD

Angela Delany, MD

Iris Gutmark Little, MD

Past Recipients


Juliana Austin, MD

Lisa Gallo, MD

Katherine Lewis, MD

Radha Nandagopal, MD

Rachana Shah, MD


Juliana Austin, MD

Justin Indyk, MD, PhD

Daniel Moore, MD

Lindsey Nicol, MD

Kateryna Kotlyarevska, MD


Ruvdeep Randhawa, MD

Vaneeta Bamba, MD

Janna Flint, MD

Monica Mortensen, MD

Marcie Drury Brown, MD


Ruvdeep S. Randhawa, MD

Bryce A. Nelson, MD, PhD

Marcie Drury Brown, MD

Christopher J. Romero, MD

Preneet Cheema Brar

Jennifer McVean, MD